Player Character Information

Player Character Information


Players can roll for their attributes following the usual method of 4d6 drop the lowest dice. Do this six times for one set. Players can do this to create no more then four sets of numbers. If you can’t make a good set this way, you can use the point buy method or pick an array from the Players Handbook. No matter what method is used, the ability score bonus cannot add up to more then +8 or less then +4 and no one attribute should be less then 8.

Allowed Races and Classes:

Players can choose any race or class in the Players Handbook or the Forgotten Realms Players Guide for their character. Play test versions of classes will not be allowed. Once new books are released players are free to choose these new classes and races as well. The DM will work with the players to facilitate a smooth transition so that the verisimilitude at the table can be maintained

General Campaign Rules

The goal is to make this an in depth, character driven 4E game. To accomplish this some ground rules need to be set regarding the players ability to make changes to their characters. Sometimes it takes a while to try out a character and see if it fits your personal play style. If, after the first few sessions, a player discovers that they are unhappy with their particular character, they are free to change things until they are satisfied. After the first adventure is over characters should have settled into a character they enjoy. After this, if a player would like to change things, they are free to use the retraining rules located in the Players Handbook (page 28).

What the DM needs from the Players

In 4E magic items and treasure are no longer part of a random generated process. As a result, the DM needs your help to let him know what items you would like. At every level, each player should provide the DM with their Wish List, a list of five magic items they are interested in. These items can be found in the Players Handbook, Adventurers Vault, or online at The DM will then pick a selection of items from these lists to populate treasure bundles found during your adventures. You will never get everything on your list, but the DM will try to make sure that every player gets something from it. The Wish Lists should contain items of your characters’ level +1, +2, +3, +4 and +5. (Example: When your character hits 5th level, your list should have on it a 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th level item on it.) These lists are very important to the game. It would be best if the players could provide the DM with their list the session after their characters gain a level. If a player fails to provide the DM with their Wish List, there is no guarantee that items discovered during their adventures will be appropriate for their character.

Player Character Information

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